dinsdag 9 oktober 2012


_UNTITLED is a collaboration between Vivian van Miert, Chinouk de Miranda and me. We created a magazine that is presented as an object. The concept of _UNTITLED revolves around reinterpreting each others style, to create a new perspective on fashion. This is visualized in three photoshoots, where we decided on photography, styling, setting, models, etc all together. Every shoot starts with 'I AM ... UNTITLED' and finishes with 'UNTITLED ... BECAUSE', where we first give a description of our style and finish with an explanation of the value of doing all the connecting and direction together (Lifestyle&Design). The three photoshoots are presented in three white booklets with a semitransparent paper cover, which are attached to each other through a string in the back. When you see it from the top, it looks like the tripod sign as used in our logo.

woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Shirt with wooden details

This shirt has details of wood veneer. No worries about washing it, all the wooden details can be removed from the shirt, as I created 'tubes', with openings on the inside. So it is also possible to add another material, as long as it is a little flexible if you still want to move comfy in it.

Canopy Design

The first design of the canopy I made was like above. Straight wooden panels in the corners, white branches on top. For the second design I decided to go on with this canopy and make it more special.
The wooden panels are replaced by panels with a place for clothing, a nightstand and a fitting mirror, decorated and strenghtened by copper details. These panels will be able to slide back and forth in one direction.
Also the white branches on top are decorated with copper wire. And here you see where the panel components can move. There is room for three panels, as the head of the bed is fixed and as wide as the bed itself.